Alecia Powell, BSN, RN

Executive Director

Alecia Powell, BSN, RN, is the accomplished Chief Operating Officer at Pathway Hospice, leveraging a robust healthcare leadership background. As a Registered Nurse, armed with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and certifications in Post-Acute Care specialty, ACHC Consultant, and CMS training for surveyors, Alecia excels in compliance and regulatory excellence.

Her multifaceted 25-year career in healthcare includes Executive Director experience in hospice, showcasing her adeptness at steering organizations toward success. Alecia’s leadership roles as a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in both home health and hospice, as well as Chronic Care Management, combined with leadership in population health think tanks, underscore her ability to drive operational efficiency and provide empathetic, patient-centered care at the highest levels. Her experience in designing successful programs with a proven track record of improved patient outcomes in the value-based care landscape has been integral to Pathways success in achieving a 9.8 out of 10 possible rating on the CMS Hospice Compare site. Dedicated to excellence and innovation, Alecia is a pivotal force at Pathway Hospice, guiding the organization through the complexities of the evolving healthcare landscape.