Patient Care

  • Pathway Hospice continues to admit patients to service and to provide uninterrupted care.
  • Yes, we are willing to accept suspected and confirmed COVID-19 positive patients.

Employee Care

  • Daily screening of all employees.
  • Pre-visit screening of all patients.
  • Our Social Workers and Chaplains are providing psychosocial support as needed.
  • Many CNAs have had their income disproportionately impacted due to facilities or families who have declined visits as a safety measure. Pathway’s ownership has reimbursed these valuable staff members for these events beyond their control.

Personal Protective Equipment

We are experiencing the same supply chain interruptions as everyone else, however we do have enough PPE for our staff and current and expected patient load during this time. Pathway has located a distributor and has been fortunate to receive donations from our vendor partners that have kept our staff safe during this time.

Preparation for Caring for COVID-19 Patients

  • While no one is as prepared for this as we would all like to be, Pathway Hospice has responded quickly and has an effective disaster strategy in place.
  • Our Administration is involved in daily updates and Q&A sessions from CMS, DHHS and CDC and are shaping agency policy, training and education accordingly.

We are preparing a dedicated COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Team with specific training in providing for the needs of patients and families affected by this virus. Pathway Hospice was uniquely equipped to pivot during this situation, due to programs we’ve been developing to move our meetings and educational series to a virtual format.

Inpatient Units

  • Yes, Pathway Hospice is still accepting patients for General Inpatient placement.
  • Unfortunately, most facilities are barring visitors in order to minimize potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Mesquite Specialty Hospital will allow two visitors at a time.

Pathway Hospice has had excellent outcomes utilizing our Continuous Care nursing staff to manage patients in crisis in the home setting. Patients often experience better symptom-management and can be surrounded by their loved ones and the comforts of home.

Please feel free to contact us and we will address your concerns directly.